Constraints of the board of management in management of staff and students personnel in public secondary schools in Gatundu south district, Kiambu County, Kenya

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Nyambura, Leni Elizabeth
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Personnel and resource management of education institutions affects the academic achievement of learners at a given level of learning. Effectiveness of managers in these institutions to a greater extent determines the success and caliber of the learners. There has been a notion that Boards of Governors have been ineffective in their role performance such as resource management decision making process, teacher recruitment and disciplining of teachers and pupils among other roles. The purpose of this study will be to investigate the constraints of BOM in management of staff and students personnel in public secondary schools in Gatundu District The specific objectives will be to assess the roles of BOM members in management of staff and student personnel, their academic and professional qualifications and their influence on performance, their challenges in management in a bid to come up with ways on how to improve and revitalize the management of staff and students in public secondary schools. A descriptive survey design will be used in the study. The study will target 30 public secondary schools in Gatundu South District. The purposive sampling technique will be used to get specific categories of schools required for the study, In this study a sample will constitute 6 schools out of 30 public schools categorized as boys boarding, girls boarding, and mixed boarding and day schools. The simple random technique will be used to select the schools in each category. From each selected school category the study will select the principal and five members of the BOM who will be selected using the lottery method. Questionnaires will be used as instruments for data collection. The questionnaires will be of 2 categories. The first category will be given to the principals of the selected schools; the second category will be given to the selected BOM members. TIle questionnaires will be pre-tested by using a selected sample similar to the actual sample to test its validity and reliability. The data will be analyzed using descriptive statistics using measures of central tendency (medium, means, and modes), frequencies, and percentiles. The analyzed data will be presented using tables, charts and graphs. The findings of the study will assist policy makers and educational managers to understand and develop appropriate strategies to tackle identified challenges.