Factors affecting the implementation of the 8-4-4 School curriculum in primary schools; a survey of Emuhaya division of Vihiga district

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Anyona, Ananda Damary
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Since independence, the Kenyan government has shown particular concern for the education of her citizens; several committees have been formed to look into this. Following the recommendations made by committees formed by the government to look into education, several changes have taken place in education. Among others, these have led to the recommendation and implementation of the 8-4-4 system of education. It was argued that the former system did not allow the school leavers, especially at the primary school level to reach the level of permanent literacy. The problem in this study was to find out the factors affecting the implementation of the 8-4-4-school curriculum at the primary school level. In this new system the primary school cycle has been extended to eight years and the curriculum has been diversified to include new areas of learning. In order to do this, fifty- two primary schools were randomly selected. The subjects for the study included the head teachers, chairmen of Parent-Teacher Associations and teachers. The five education officers in the area in question were also requested to take part in the study. Data was obtained from schools and the subjects by means of questionnaires and the schools observation schedule. The data collected were analyzed and results presented in tables of frequency distributors. The study revealed the following findings; 1. Qualified personnel, physical facilities and teaching learning materials were inadequate in schools, 2. Orientation courses had been offered to some of the implementers, 3. Lack of funds was the prime problem, 4. The poor socio-economic status of the community, 5. The lack of proper communication among implementers, 6. The lack of cooperation from the community, Were the factors affecting the implementation of the 8-4-4-school curriculum in the selected schools? Some further research and recommendation were presented which should be the basis for validation of the reported findings of the present study.
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Curriculum Change//8-4-4 Systems of Education