Factors contributing to occupational stress among prison staff in Nairobi Province, Kenya

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Njihia, Peter Muchai
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The purpose of this study was to investigate tile factors most commonly contributing to occupational stress among prison staff in Nairobi. Tire study further attempted to find out whether there was a significant . difference on occupational stress causal Factors on the basis of age, gender, marital status, rank and years of experience. The sub-theme of the study was to make a case for staff counseling provision of counseling services for the prison staff. A descriptive survey was employed in this study. A sample of size of 180 prison officers and warders from selected prisons was used. The samples were drawn from the major categories of tile prison institution, that is maximum security, medium security and remand prisons. An eighty item stress inventory for tile stall' was designed and used to gather data. The scoring method was based on the likert scale. The data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics including t-test chi-square. ANOVA The data collected was used to provide analysis for light hypothesis postulated in order to provide a basis for the research work It was evaluated by means of t-test, square are ANOVA. This analysis is based mainly on statistical significance: testing Consequently, the results do not establish with any certainty a causal link between any of tile demographic and occupational factors measured and reported stress at work. The results may be suggestive of such a link but more in-depth research would he necessary to establish its validity Due to the broad nature of the study undertaken it is farther recommended that tills study he used as a basis for further studies dwelling in depth on tile topics covered herein This study dwelt on external caused factors of stress, a replicate study on internal responses to stress would he appropriate The findings also correlate well with similar studies done in other countries on occupational stress among prison warders and police officers. The study strong recommends that comedian services he revamped in the prison service.
Department of Educational Psychology, 92p. HV 9470 .N65 2005
Prison wardern--Job stress--Kenya--Nairobi province