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dc.contributor.advisorNdeda, M. A. J.
dc.contributor.advisorKiruthu, Felix Macharia
dc.contributor.authorMotanya, Isaac
dc.description.abstractThis- proposal seeks to investigate agricultural transformation in Masaba North, Nyamira County in Kenya, 1945-2002. The district comprises of three divisions, Gesima Gachuba and Rigoma. They will be the focus of our study. The major economic activity in the district is fanning. The inhabitants have been involved in growing cash and food crops over the years. Agricultural development in the district has witnessed transformation from the onset of World War II and after up to 2002. Various agents have contributed to this transformation while experiencing a number of challenges with far reaching socialeconomic impacts. It is in the light of this, the researcher is persuaded to investigate and unfold these developments. Our literature review will be based on general overview on agricultural transformation causes, challenges and its socio- economic impacts among the Gusii of Masaba North, 1945-2002. The study will be guided by two theories; articulation of modes of production where Europeans incorporated and involved African in Various forms in Agriculture resulting to underdevelopment. Here farming activities in third world countries are changing to fit the world Economic system while developed countries are progressing at the expense of the less developed leading to application of second theory of underdevelopment. Our study will adopt descriptive research design. Primary and secondary data will be used to explain the agricultural transformation in the area of study in the period 1945-2002. A sample study will be selected from the district and findings analyzed using descriptive methods. The data will be collected through interview and use of questionnaire. The research will be of value to economists and agriculturalist in understanding trends, challenges and social economic impact of agricultural transformation of Masaba North in the period 1945-2002. It will benefit a wide range of scholars in Economic and Social History.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipKenyatta Universityen_US
dc.titleAgricultural transformation in Masaba north district, Nyamira county, 1945 -2002en_US

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