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    • Banana production, constraints and their propagation methods 

      Kasyoka, Martha Rhoda; Mwangi, Maina; Mbaka, J.; Gitonga, N.; Kori, N. (FaCT Publishing, 2010)
      Banana (Musa species) is an important food crop worldwide (Robinson, 2007). About 70 million people in East and West Africa are estimated to derive more than one quarter of their food energy requirement from plantains ...
    • Passion fruit production in Kenya: Opportunities and constraints 

      Wangungu, C.W.; Mwangi, Maina; Gathu, R.K.; Mbaka, J.; Kori, J.N. (FaCT Publishing, 2010)
      Passion fruit is ranked third in importance among the horticultural crops in Kenya. In recent years, the fruit has gained high demand due to activities of beverage producing companies. The fruit has dynamically changed the ...