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    • Evolution of Local Authorities in Kenya 

      Muia, D. M.; Ngugi, J.; Gikuhi, R. (the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research, 2010)
      Local government system is more or less a universal phenomenon of public administration throughout the world. The term local government is usually used to bring out the graphic contrast between the local level system of ...
    • Death, Grief and Culture in Kenya: Experiential Strengths-Based Research 

      Njue, J.R.M.; Rombo, D.; Lutomia, A.N.; Smart, L.S.; Mwaniki, L.M.; Sore, I.L. (Springer International Publishing, 2015)
      The purpose of this chapter is to examine how families deal with bereavement in Kenya. Our discussion is based on the constructivist assumption that bereaved individuals and families construct the meaning of the death of ...