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    • A comparative analysis of the physical education curricula in secondary schools in East Africa 

      Wamukoya, E. K.; Kadoodooba, M. A. B. (2001)
      Physical Education Curriculum in East Africa has been and continues to be influenced greatly by the colonial infusion. The vestiges of the colonial empire building and maintenance have remained even after independence. As ...
    • Physical activity and mortality among aged person 

      Wamukoya, E. K.; Mwisukha, A.; Thwagi, M. J. (Kenyatta University, 2004)
      Aging is unavoidable for every human being. It is a process that brings about physiological, physical and mental decline, which in turn leads to health and related life-threatening problems for lite aged people. The ...
    • Status of gender equity in competitive sports in Uganda 

      Kateshumbwa, E. A.; Wamukoya, E. K.; Wanderi, P. M.; Mwisukha, A. (Department of sport science Kyambogo University, 2013)
      The purpose of this study was to find out whether there was gender equity in competitive sports in Uganda. A cross sectional survey was conducted whereby a total of 350 respondents from 10 sports federations in Uganda ...