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    • Assessment of Antidiabetic Potential of Ficus Sycomorus on Alloxan - induced Diabetic Mice 

      Njagi, J.M.; Piero, N.M.; Ngeranwa, J.J.N.; Njagi, E.N.M.; Kibiti, C.M.; Njue, W. M.; Maina, D.; Gathumbi, Peter Karuri (International Journal of Diabetes Research, 2012)
      Diabetes mellitus is a predominant public health concern, causing substantial morbidity, mortality, and long-term complications. Many of the conventional drugs Used for the management of this disease are not only expensive ...
    • Evaluation of Antidiabetic Effects kleinia Squarrosa on Alloxanized Diabetic Mice 

      Ngugi, Mathew Piero; Njagi, Joan Murugi; Kibiti, Cromwell Mwiti; Ngeranwa, J.J.N.; Mjagi, Eliud Nyaga Mwaniki; Mbiti, Wilson Njue; Maina, David; Gathumbi, Peter Karuri (Asian Journal of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2012)
      Diabetes mellitus is a disease of antiquity with a worrying global prevalence and incidence. It is conventionally managed by insulin and use of oral hypoglycemic drugs besides exercise, diet and physical intervention ...
    • Herbal management of diabetes mellitus: A rapidly expanding research avenue. 

      Piero, N.M.; Njagi, M. Joan; Kibiti, M. Cromwell; Ngeranwa, J.J.N.; Njagi, N.M. Eliud; Njue, W. M.; Gathumbi, Peter Karuri (International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Research, 2012)
      Conventional drug therapy though effective in the management of diabetes mellitus is expensive and has toxic side effects. Herbal medicine would thus provide alternative therapy if effective and less toxic. This paper ...