Factors affecting management development in church growth as an organization : a study of protestant churches in Kisumu District Kenya

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Omollo, William Jonathan
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Management development arises as a result of the requirement of new comers, shortfall in employer performance, organizational change and individuals expressed needs Morris, R (1978). Says that development is a continuing improvement of effectiveness within a particular system which may be a person, but in the case of management development it is within the management function of an organization. Management development is generally defined as an institution or organization developing the potential of all those who are in management positions. Henry O, (1993) says that there is need to ensure that manpower and resources are efficiently and effectively deployed. This makes management development an integral component of church growth. The broad objective was to investigate the factor that affect Management development in the growth of the church as an organization. The questions that were raised were; what are the techniques used in developing leaders? And what are the financial organization in place? This study will help the church in retaining, investing and developing their high performances policies. The research was carried in Kisumu District in Nyanza province. It covers an area of 918.5 km and has 4 administrative divisions, Winam, Maseno, Kombewa and Kadibo. The study was both descriptive and qualitative; data was obtained from various Protestant churches. The population in this study consisted of 3 categories of church leadership. The spiritual, administrative and management. The sample population is 100 people out of a target group of 167. Questionnaire and interviews was used as data collection methods. The tool used in analyzing data was statistical package for social science. (spss). The findings of the research were that most churches do not have budget for trainings, seminars and conferences. The most commonly used method of management development are seminars and conferences. The most commonly used method for MD is on the job training. Offering and tithing are the major sources of funding for management development.
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