Project Staff Scheduling and Performance of Road Construction Projects in Nairobi Metropolitan, Kenya

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Karuga, Simon
Sang, Paul
Mutuku, Morrisson
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The performance of a road-building project is frequently measured on the basis of quality, timeliness, and cost. Various road-building projects around the world struggle to satisfy these performance standards. Road projects are intended to adjust to changing weather, site, economic resources, community, and physical variables during construction. To that end, the purpose of this research was to analyse the relationship between project staff scheduling and the performance of road construction projects in Nairobi Metropolitan, Kenya. The research was based on ability, motivation, and opportunity theory. The study adopted a positivism research philosophy to empirically quantify facts through statistical analysis. A descriptive design as well as a cross-sectional survey was used. The population of interest for this study consisted of 39 road construction projects being implemented by Kenya Urban Roads Authority and Kenya National Highway Authority within the Nairobi metropolitan area. The study focused on county and national government roads. As a result, 195 participants were selected for this study. To gather primary data, a semi-structured questionnaire was used. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyse the quantitative data. For inferential statistics, multivariate regression analysis and correlation were used. The study's findings showed that the scheduling of project staff significantly and positively (β =0.806, p =0.000) influenced project performance. According to the study's findings, staff scheduling, when done correctly and in accordance with work requirements, allows employees to stay on task and know exactly what they are supposed to be doing every day. Project managers can more quickly and easily locate coverage for sick days or vacations thanks to staff scheduling. Avoiding the need to hire more employees for a brief duration, enables the company to save money. Employee flexibility in managing work obligations and timely task completion is ensured by staff scheduling, which improves project performance.
Project, Staff, Scheduling, Road, Performance, Kenya
Karuga, S., Sang, P., & Mutuku, M. (2024). Project Staff Scheduling and Performance of Road Construction Projects in Nairobi Metropolitan, Kenya. East African Journal of Engineering, 7(1), 162-169.