Regulation and supervision of Microfinance institutions in Kenya ( A case of Mombasa Municipality)

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Agina, Clement Kwach
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This study is to identify the impact of regulation and supervision of micro finance institutions in Kenya with special emphasis to the MFI's in Mombasa Municipality and its environs. The study will also highlight the issues that need to be addressed to ensure that the MFI's are regulated under the laws of Kenya so as to protect their clients who deposit money with them. The research will be carried out specifically in Mombasa which is one of the Kenyan cities and a home to many MFIs. Mombasa is also a vibrant commercial city with several small-scale enterprises and therefore a good study area. Literature will be reviewed from books, magazines, journals and references from previous research work conducted by earlier students and researchers on this area. Primary data will be collected by the use of questionnaires, which will consist of mostly closed and open ended questions. The research will adopt both the exploratory and descriptive research design. The sample from this study will be drawn by the use of purposive sampling. The population for this study will be two managers of every MFI in Mombasa and in cases where the MFI's are small in size; the researcher will select the owner or proprietor. Data will be analyzed using descriptive statistics and with the aid of SPSS, the data will be presented in tables, cross tabulations, graphs and charts.
Department of Business Administration, 38p. The HG 178.33 .K4A34 2005
Microfinance --Kenya --Mombasa Thesis