The effect of performance contract on service delivery in the ministry of lands

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Gitari, S. Mugambi
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The study assessed the effect of performance contract on service delivery at the Ministry of Lands. The study was chosen because of the urge to establish why alter the introduction and implementation of performance contract in the Civil Service, some problems associated with service delivery are still prevalent in the Ministry of Lands. For Example after signing the performance contract, the set target to recover the settlement fund trustees by the Ministry in the year 2005 was Ksh 95 Million. From the set target, only 80 Million was recovered (MOL evaluation report; 2005). The above example shows the Ministry didn't achieve it's objectives as per the set targets in the performance contract. The researcher used descriptive research design to undertake the research because the intention of the study was to report objectively the effect of performance contract on service delivery in the Ministry of Lands. The target population was 601 but the study covered a sample size of 60 respondents constituting 10% of the total population. The 'study used both primary and secondary data. The questionnaires were used to collect data on salary, training and decision making process. These variables were measured by using Likert scale. Data on the impact of performance contract on service delivery in the Ministry of Lands was collected from departmental performance returns and the departmental performance appraisal reports. Data analysis was done using descriptive statistical analysis. social science (SPSS) was used in assisting to analyze the respondents using measures of central tendency, measures distributions and percentages. The findings of the study were that after the introduction and implementation of the performance contract in the Ministry of Lands, the service delivery of the employees has increased. For example in the year 2005 after the introduction of the performance contract, the collection of the revenue and Appropriation in Aid (AID) increased to Ksh 953,890,192 from Ksh 860,720,078 in the year 2004. This was an increase of 9.8%. In the year 2006, collection of revenue increased by 2.7%. A statistical package for responses gathered from of variability, frequency On salary, 75% of the respondents reported that the salary offered to them by the Government affects there services to the customers and only 25% who said their service delivery is not affected. On training, 61.7% reported that their service delivery is affected by the Ministry's training policy and only 38.3% who said that their services are not affected. 80% of the respondents indicated that the decision making process should be faster and only 20% who said they are comfortable with the decision making process within the Ministry. A record majority of 100% reported that in order to improve service delivery, performance contract should be combined with good salary, training and faster decision making process. In order for the Ministry of Lands to improve service delivery to their clients, on top of the performance contract, the following measures have to be put into consideration: 1) The employees should be paid better salaries like the ones paid to the employees of the private sector. 2) The Ministry should have a clear and transparent training policy. This will make everybody within the Ministry to benefit from the training. The Ministry should also allocate more funds for training 3) The Ministry should do away with so many bureaucratic layers when discharging services to the members of the public. This will make services offered to be faster and efficient.
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Performance Stardards--Kenya--Ministry of Lands, Goal setting in personnel management--Kenya--Ministry of Lands