The retention of teaching staff in private tertiary colleges in Municipal Councils in Kenya; challenges and experiences in Kericho Municipality

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Chirchir, Mathew Kimeli
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The main purpose of this study was to determine the challenges and experiences faced by private tertiary colleges in Municipal Councils in Kenya in an effort to retain their teaching staff. Data was collected by use of questionnaires which included both open and close ended questions to allow room for further explanation. A Survey Research Design was used in the investigation because this gave an in-depth investigation of a chosen region; fifteen private tertiary colleges in Kericho Municipality were surveyed. The researcher's target population were all the Principals and Deputy Principals from all Private Tertiary Colleges in Kericho Municipality. The researcher gathered data from a sample size of thirty senior administrative staff; the Principals and Deputy Principals. The researcher used purposive sampling technique. Descriptive statistical methods were used to analyze data including the use of frequency distribution, and measures of central tendency; the mean, mode, and the median; the information was summarized and presented diagrammatically in form of tables and/or graphs- histograms or bar charts. The researcher established that the retention of teaching staff in private tertiary colleges in Municipal Councils in Kenya is a challenge, there is high turnover of teaching staff and the institutions cannot retain these caliber of staff, the findings showed that remuneration of academic staff was a major contributor to the teaching staff turnover, most teaching staff members considered terms and conditions of service as a major determinant of keeping or' quitting the job. The researcher established that institutions facilities, recruitment and selection policies and ownership of the institutions had a major role in enhancing teaching staff retention in private tertiary colleges. The researcher recommends that there is need to improve terms and conditions of service for teaching staff in private tertiary colleges, special attention should be placed on remuneration, career growth prospects and staff motivation, owners and managers should give careful consideration to introducing a sound wage and salary system to help attract qualified, hardworking and experienced teaching staff. Proprietors should provide adequate learning facilities and resources so as to ensure smooth delivery of college programs. There is need to refine recruitment and selection policies so as to enable institutions hire the right people and ensure consistency in quality and productivity. This study was extremely important considering that there is an upsurge in the number of Kenyans looking for tertiary education and that there is a rapid spread and growth of Private Tertiary Colleges in the Kenyan urban centers, hence encouraging mobility of teaching staff and certainly affecting the quality of graduates trained in such institutions.
Department of Business Administration, 64p. The LB 1778.4 .K4C47 2011
College teachers --Job satisfaction --Kenya --Kericho, Teacher turnover --Kenya --Kericho, Employee retention --Kenya --Kericho