Relationship between substance use and victimization to intimate partner violence among men in Nyeri County, Kenya.

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Maingi, Lydiah
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National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA)
Substance use and intimate partner violence (IPV) are significant public health concerns. There is research evidence on co-existence of the two. Most efforts addressing this co-existence have focused on substance use among male perpetrators of IPV. Not much focus has been given to the correlation between substance use and female perpetrated IPV. This paper seeks to explain the relationship between substance use and victimization to IPV among men in Nyeri County, Kenya. Based on social cognitive and attachment theories, the study utilized an Ex post facto correlational design. The sample consisted of 412 male participants who were selected through multi-stage sampling. A 4-questions, validated substance use screening tool, CAGE was used to screen for substance use while IPV scale measured prevalence and forms of IPV. Correlations between substance use and victimization to IPV was established using Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Coefficient and regression analysis. 87.9% of the participants reported experiencing some form of IPV in their intimate relationships. Psychological IPV was most prevalent compared to physical and sexual IPV. 42% reported substance use while 32% indicated having clinical drug use problem. There was a moderate positive correlation (r=.288) between the substance use and IPV. Regression analysis indicated IPV (Est 0, 01, p-value<0.01) to be associated with substance use. Both IPV and substance use are prevalent among men in Nyeri county. Majority of substance users have a clinical drug problem. There was association between substance use and sexual IPV. The study recommends that interventions to address substance use and IPV amongst men should be put in place. Such interventions include counseling, awareness creation about the negative consequences of substance use and IPV as well as economic empowerment among men.
Research paper in African Journal of Alcohol & Drug Abuse : Volume 4
Substance Use, Intimate Partner Violence, Male Victimization
African Journal of Alcohol & Drug Abuse : Volume 4