An investigation into activities in rehabilitation centers that enhances education of street children

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Gitiiya, Margaret Wanjiru
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This study investigated the activities carried out in rehabilitation centres towards enhancing education for street children. The data were collected from centres in Eastlands area, Nairobi. These include Bahati, Kayole, Pumwani City council, Kitui and Pumwani. The population was taken as it was in all the four centres. Data were collected by use of an interview schedule and a checklist. The study has revealed that activities in the rehabilitation centres are geared towards enhancing education for the street children. Again, city council centres lack proper planning for solving the problems of street children. Further, lack of space for recreational activities and inadequate funding complicate the problems of enhancing education. The study also shows that the social workers, the teachers and the street children have to contend with the minimum basic needs provided by the centres. The study shows that most street children are channeled through non-formal education to help them become self-reliant, ignoring the super brains possessed by some of the children. Thus, there is need to place emphasis on formal education. Intelligence tests should be used to select those to be channelled through either formal education or non-formal education. Facilities for academic work, recreation and other extra-curricular activities also need to be provided. The public and donor friends of our country need to be included in funding education for street education. Furthermore, teachers handling the street children need to be given special training to help cope with the special needs that keep on arising The study also shows there is need for educational planners to give top priority to educational needs of street children to help make their lives better. Above all, it is imperative for funders of the centres to help tap the super brains possessed by street children to help in development of the economy of our country and to help alleviate poverty.
Department of Early Childhood Studies, 91p. The HV 875.58.K4G5 2005
Street Children--Kenya, Rehabilitation centers--Kenya