An investigation into recruitment practices of non-teaching staff in institutions of higher learning : a case study of middle level colleges in Nyeri District

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Wandurua, G. K.
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This research proposal is based on "An Investigation into Recruitment Practices of non-teaching staff in institutions of higher learning" A case study of middle level colleges in Nyeri District. The organizations under study are Kagumo Teachers College, Nveri Technical Training Institute and Kimathi Institute of Technology. The researcher shall conduct this study by use of questionnaires and interviews. A population of 161 employees and 39 BOG members' members shall be used for the study. A representive sample of 92 employees and the entire population survey of BOG members shall be taken as respondents. The main objective of the study is to determine if the right or appropriate recruitment practices and policies are followed during the process of Sourcing employees for the colleges. The study shall therefore focus on key HR recruitment themes such as HR planning. recruitment sources and methods, selection as well as induction. The findings shall provide valid conclusions and recommendations for the entire process of HR recruitment in public colleges upon the conclusion of the research study. There are a number of limitations anticipated in the undertaking of this research project. This includes financial constraints, access of past data related to recruitment as well as shortage of time since the researcher is fully engaged in a full time job. Some respondents may also be unwilling to co-operate out of the fear of what may happen to them hence forcing the researcher to have a slightly reduced number of respondents. This may ultimately affect the quality of information gathered. Questionnaires for BOG members shall be mailed to them while those for the sampled employees shall be hand delivered and picked once they are fully filled within two weeks from the time they are delivered.
Department of Business Administration, 65p.The LB 2331.6936.K4W31 2007
Employees--recruiting--Law and legislation--kenya, Universities and colleges--employees--Kenya