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    • Weeds and Weed Management 

      Namikoye, Everlyne Samita (Kenyatta University, 2020)
      Weeds are undesirable plants that may grow naturally along with crops. They affect the growth of plants, products desirability, decreased production efficiency and the yields. Weeds usually grow very fast, compete for the ...
    • What affects efficiency of small holder dairy enteprises in rural Kenya? 

      Wambugu, Stephen K.; Maina, Mwangi; Mugambi, D.K.; Gitunu, A.M (FaCT Publishing, 2010)
      Dairy cattle farming is a major economic activity in Kenya contributing 3.5% of the national gross domestic product (GDP), and income, employment and food to many small-scale farmers. The country’s dairy herd size is the ...