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    • An Insight into the Consequences of Emerging Plant Responses Contaminants in Soil and Water and Plant Responses 

      Sairam, Masina; Maitra, Sagar; Praharaj, Subhasisha; Nath, Suprava; Shankar, Tanmoy; Sahoo, Upasana; Santosh, D.T; Sagar, Lalichetti; Monalisha, Panda; Priya, G. Shanthi; Ashwini, T.R; Gaikwad, Dinkar J.; Hossain, Akbar; Pramanick, Biswajit; Jatav, Hanuman Singh; Gitari, Harun I.; Aftab, Tariq (Springer, Cham, 2023)
      With the advancement of science, better monitoring of soil and water quality has become possible. Many contaminants have been reported in the recent past that influence the quality of soil and water negatively. However, ...
    • Role of Legumes in Cropping System for Soil Ecosystem Improvement 

      Jena, Jagadish; Maitra, Sagar; Hossain, Akbar; Pramanick, Biswajit; Gitari, Harun I.; Praharaj, Subhashisa; Shankar, Tanmoy; Palai, Jnana Bharati; Rathore, Akshit; Mandal, Tanuj Kumar; Jatav, Hanuman Singh (Nova Science, 2022-02)
      Soil health management is a prime concern to ensure agricultural sustainability. Dwindling soil fertility as well as declining soil health is one of the great challenges of the present time to feed the world population. ...