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    • Relationship between Lifestyle Behaviors and Obesity in Children Ages 9–11: Results from a 12-Country Study 

      Katzmarzyk, P.T.; Barreira, T.V.; Broyles, S.T.; Champagne, C.M.; Chaput, J-P.; Fogelholm, M.; Hu, G.; Johnson, W.D.; Kuriyan, R.; Kurpad, A.; Lambert, E.V.; Maher, C.; Maia, J.; Matsudo, V.; Olds, T.; Onywera, V.O.; Sarmiento, O.L.; Standage, M.; Tremblay, M.S.; Tudor-Locke, C.; Zhao, P.; Church, T.S. (Wiley, 2015)
      Objective: The aim was to assess associations between lifestyle behaviors and obesity in a multinational study of children from 12 countries representing a wide range of human development. Methods: The sample included ...