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    • Wealth and Sedentary Time Are Associated With Dietary Patterns among Preadolescents in Nairobi City, Kenya 

      Kanerva, Noora; Wachira, Lucy Joy; Uusi-Ranta, Noora; Anono, Esther L; Walsh, Hanna M; Erkkola, Maijaliisa; Ochola, Sophie; Swindell, Nils; Salmela, Jatta; Veps€Al€Ainen, Henna; Stratton, Gareth; Onywera, Vincent; Fogelholm, Mikael (Elsevier, 2023)
      Objective: The study aimed to compare dietary patterns in preadolescents in urban areas with different physical activity and socioeconomic profiles in Nairobi, Kenya. Design: Cross-sectional. Participants: Preadolescents ...