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    • Association analysis of the FTO gene with obesity in children of Caucasian and African ancestry reveals a common tagging SNP 

      Grant, S.F.; Li, M.; Bradfield, J.P.; Kim, C.E.; Annaiah, K.; Santa, E.; Glessner, J.T.; Casalunovo, T.; Frackelton, E.C.; Otieno, George Ochieng; Shaner, J.L.; Smith, R.M.; Imielinski, M.; Eckert, A. W.; Chiavacci, R. M.; Berkowitz, R.I.; Hakonarson, H. (Public Library of Science, 2008-03)
      Recently an association was demonstrated between the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), rs9939609, within the FTO locus and obesity as a consequence of a genome wide association (GWA) study of type 2 diabetes in adults. ...
    • High-resolution mapping and analysis of copy number variations in the human genome: a data resource for clinical and research applications 

      Ochieng, Otieno, George; Shaikh, T.H.; Gai, X.; Perin, J.C.; Glessner, J.T.; Casalunovo, T.; Xie, H.; Murphy, K.; O'Hara, R.; Conlin, L.K.; D'Arcy, M.; Frackelton, E.C.; Geiger, E.A.; Haldeman-Englert, C.; Imielinski, M.; Kim, C.E.; Medne, L.; Annaiah, K.; Bradfield, J.P.; Dabaghyan, E. (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2009-09-19)
      We present a database of copy number variations (CNVs) detected in 2026 disease-free individuals, using high-density, SNP-based oligonucleotide microarrays. This large cohort, comprised mainly of Caucasians (65.2%) and ...
    • A Novel Susceptibility Locus for Type 1 Diabetes on Chr12q13 Identified by a Genome-Wide Association Study 

      Hakonarson, H.; Qu, H.; Bradfield, J. P.; Marchand, L.; Kim, C. E.; Glessner, J. T.; Grabs, R.; Casalunovo, T.; Taback, S. P.; Frackelton, E. C.; Eckert, A. W.; Annaiah, K.; Lawson, M. L.; Otieno, George Ochieng; Santa, E.; Shaner, J. L.; Smith, R. M.; Onyiah, C. C.; Skraban, R.; Chiavacci, R. M.; Robinson, L. J.; Stanley, C. A.; Kirsch, S. E.; Devoto, M.; Monos, D. S.; Grant, S. F. A.; Polychronakos, C. (American Diabetes Association, 2008-04)
      OBJECTIVE—In stage 1 of our genome-wide association (GWA) study for type 1 diabetes, one locus at 16p13 was detected (P = 1.03 × 10−10) and confirmed in two additional cohorts. Here we describe the results of testing, in ...
    • ORMDL3 variants associated with asthma susceptibility in North Americans of European ancestry 

      Sleiman, P. M. A.; Annaiah, K.; Imielinski, M.; Bradfield, J. P.; Kim, C. E.; Frackelton, E. C.; Glessner, J. T.; Eckert, A. W.; Otieno, F. G.; Santa, E.; Thomas, K.; Smith, R. M.; Glaberson, W.; Garris, M.; Gunnlaugsson, S.; Chiavacci, R. M.; Allen, J.; Spergel, J.; Grundmeier, R.; Grunstein, M. M.; Magnusson, M.; Bisgaard, H.; Grant, S. F. A.; Hakonarson, H. (Elsevier, 2008-12)