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    • Plant Diseases Caused by Nematodes 

      Namikoye, Everlyne Samita (Kenyatta University, 2020)
      Nematodes are lower invertebrate animals and are perhaps the most numerous multicellular animals on the earth. They are generally free-living in marine, freshwater or soil environments, but a large number of species are ...
    • Introduction to Crop Protection: Homoptera 

      Namikoye, Everlyne Samita (2020)
      Order Homoptera include aphids, whitefly, scales, leafhoppers, and mealybugs. They are plant-sucking, and many excrete honeydew, a liquid high in sugar, which attracts ants and is used as a substrate for sooty mold fungus, ...
    • Weeds and Weed Management 

      Namikoye, Everlyne Samita (Kenyatta University, 2020)
      Weeds are undesirable plants that may grow naturally along with crops. They affect the growth of plants, products desirability, decreased production efficiency and the yields. Weeds usually grow very fast, compete for the ...
    • Introduction to Crop Protection: Major Insect Pests 

      Namikoye, Everlyne Samita (Kenyatta University, 2020)
      The major quarantine pests identified recently on cut flowers include bollworms (Helicoverpa armigera, Spodoptera spp.), leaf miner (Liriomyza sp.), white flies (mainly Bemisia tabaci), thrips (mainly western flower thrips ...
    • Plant Diseases Caused by Bacteria 

      Namikoye, Everlyne Samita (Kenyatta University, 2020)
      Diseases caused by bacterial plant pathogens are one of the most severe constraints to agricultural productivity. Many types of crops are attacked by these pathogens every season with substantial losses occurring. Diseases ...
    • Corporate and Intellectual Social Responsibility: A Guide for Industry and Service Agencies in Kenya 

      Waswa, Fuchaka (KurArts Designs and Digital Printers Limited, 2020)
    • Farm Energy, Power and Machinery for Non-Engineers: A Reader for University and College Students in Kenya 

      Waswa, Fuchaka; Shitanda, Douglas; Mukolwe, Michael (KurArts Designs and Digital Printers, 2022)
    • Role of Legumes in Cropping System for Soil Ecosystem Improvement 

      Jena, Jagadish; Maitra, Sagar; Hossain, Akbar; Pramanick, Biswajit; Gitari, Harun I.; Praharaj, Subhashisa; Shankar, Tanmoy; Palai, Jnana Bharati; Rathore, Akshit; Mandal, Tanuj Kumar; Jatav, Hanuman Singh (Nova Science, 2022-02)
      Soil health management is a prime concern to ensure agricultural sustainability. Dwindling soil fertility as well as declining soil health is one of the great challenges of the present time to feed the world population. ...
    • An Insight into the Consequences of Emerging Plant Responses Contaminants in Soil and Water and Plant Responses 

      Sairam, Masina; Maitra, Sagar; Praharaj, Subhasisha; Nath, Suprava; Shankar, Tanmoy; Sahoo, Upasana; Santosh, D.T; Sagar, Lalichetti; Monalisha, Panda; Priya, G. Shanthi; Ashwini, T.R; Gaikwad, Dinkar J.; Hossain, Akbar; Pramanick, Biswajit; Jatav, Hanuman Singh; Gitari, Harun I.; Aftab, Tariq (Springer, Cham, 2023)
      With the advancement of science, better monitoring of soil and water quality has become possible. Many contaminants have been reported in the recent past that influence the quality of soil and water negatively. However, ...
    • Athari za Sera ya Lugha Afrika Mashariki na Nafasi ya Kiswahili Afrika na Ulimwenguni 

      Osore, Miriam; Minyade, Sheril (RealText Printers and Publishers, 2024)
      Sera ya lugha ni kipengele cha mpango lugha. Haya ni maamuzi katika maandishi kuhusu jinsi lugha zinavyopaswa kutumika katika jamii ili kutekeleza majukumu mbalimbali. Maamuzi haya yanaweza kutolewa katika katiba ya nchi ...