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    • Signatures of selection and drivers for novel mutation on transmission-blocking vaccine candidate Pfs25 gene in western Kenya 

      Ochwedo, Kevin O.; Onyango, Shirley A.; Omondi, Collince J.; Orondo, Pauline W.; Ondeto, Benyl M.; Lee, Ming-Chieh; Atieli, Harrysone E.; Ogolla, Sidney O.; Githeko, Andrew K.; Otieno, Antony C. A.; Mukabana, Wolfgang R.; Yan, Guiyun; Zhong, Daibin; Kazura, James W. (PLOS ONE, 2022-04)
      Background Leading transmission-blocking vaccine candidates such as Plasmodium falciparum surface protein 25 (Pfs25 gene) may undergo antigenic alterations which may render them ineffective or allele-specific. This study ...