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    • Antinociceptive effects of dichloromethane extract of Euclea divinorum Lin 

      Mwonjoria, J. K. M.; Ngeranwa, J. J. N.; Githinji, C. G.; Wanyonyi, A. W. (AkiNik Publications, 2018)
      There are numerous plants whose parts or extracts are used as folklore remedies for disorders such as pain alleviation in Africa. A great majority of these herbal remedies have not been bio- screened for their antinociceptive ...
    • Evaluation of analgesic, anti-inflammatory and toxic effects of lantana camara l. 

      Sore, Millycent A.; Mwonjoria, John K.; Juma, Kelvin K.; Ngugi, Piero M.; Mwaniki, Njagi E.N. (2017-07)
      Lantana camara has been used traditionally to manage several diseases such as wound healing, inflammation and pain. However, its efficacy and safety has not been scientifically evaluated and clarified. The aim of this ...
    • Evaluation of antinociceptive activity of croton megalo carpus (hutch) eurphobaceae 

      Gichui, W. G.; Mwonjoria, J. K.; Waweru, F. N.; Kariuki, H. N. (Pharmaweb, 2017)
      The use of plant parts for a wide range of therapeutic purposes is commonly practiced in Africa where several plants are used as folklore remedies for fever, inflammation and pain. An example of plants whose parts are used ...