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    • Research Priorities for Child and Adolescent Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviours: An International Perspective Using a Twin-Panel Delphi Procedure. 

      Gillis, L.; Tomkinson, G.; Sluijs, E.V.; Stratton, G.; Reilly, J. J.; Kawalski, K.; Zayed, K.; Mota, J.; Janssen, I.; Dorovolomo, J.; Nigg, C.; Cerin, E.; Christie, C.; Moreira, C.; Olds, T.; Andersen, L. B.; Carrizosa, M.; Tremblay, M.; Chia, M.; Hamlin, M.; Thomas, N. E.; Maddison, R.; Biddle, S.; Gorely, T.; Onywera, V.O.; Willem, Van Mechelen (BioMed Central Ltd., 2013-10-24)
      Background The quantity and quality of studies in child and adolescent physical activity and sedentary behavior have rapidly increased, but research directions are often pursued in a reactive and uncoordinated manner. Aim To ...