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BC-Department of Public Health


Recent Submissions

  • Wasanga, C.; Mathews, J. R. (Wiley, 2013-08-12)
    In Africa, the number of traditional healers far outnumbers Western-trained doctors by as much as 10:1. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of rural health needs in Kenya are met by traditional healers. This is due in part ...
  • Agina, B.M.O. (LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2012-09-27)
  • Okello, A.; Ayugi, J.O.; Ambani, E. (LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2012-10-01)
  • Okello, A. B. M. (LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012-11-20)
    Sustained advocacy on sexual and reproductive health in Kenya is of paramount importance in the fight of maintaining the human race and dignity. Advocacy plays an important part in shaping the local policy and funding ...
  • Agina, B.M.O.; Masinde, L.A.; Okwara, F. (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012-07)
    The role of good nutrition in mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS is well documented but little is known about the effectiveness of prescribed diets in malnourished HIV infected children. This book is a result of a study ...