Effects of home background on education: the case of the single parent family

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dc.description.abstract The family of an earlier day, the so called traditional family with its mural background has been submerged under the notion of the movement (loll) tile extended family to nuclear family and single parent family. Once the family was an important production milt, now urbanization has taken over most of its productive tasks. New factories located in new areas have created rural-urban migration which has weakened tile family bringing about tile single parent families, tile majority of which are female headed Single parent family is tile situation in which one of tile parents is missing. The causes of such absence are varied. These make it very difficult for the remaining parent. For instance the single parent must bear the burden that was meant for two and the child's character may be negatively affected since it may not get enough affection, and this may lead to poor school achievement of tile cilild. The earlier parent child relationships were important because they laid tile foundation of tile child's behavior and attitude. This is no longer tile case. The study will investigate the effects of changes in tile home background on education of children; the case of the single parent family. An experimental study will be carried out by use of' intelligence test to find out their language skills, and school achievement. Another test too on emotional reaction will be given to tile children. Previous studies have shown that children from a two parent home perform better than those from single homes intellectually and in speech development. Children from single homes arc more aggressive and show other forms of antisocial behaviour. The findings of this study will be useful to parents and teachers, these will encourage parents to spend quality time with their children that way the children will emotionally secure. en_US
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dc.subject Single parents//Children of single parents en_US
dc.title Effects of home background on education: the case of the single parent family en_US
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